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Why is there a Downstream Gateway at ESA?


The use of space infrastructure and data is an enabler for many applications on Earth and in space driving the development of evermore challenging programmes to allow the space-based technological innovation to respond to the always more ambitious needs of our society and economy. There is an enormous potential for opportunities in the downstream sector for innovators, scientists and businesses to develop new solutions, implementing disruptive business models.

The purpose of the Downstream Gateway is to create links between business sectors and ESA’s portfolio of infrastructures and activities.

The Downstream Gateway interacts with industry and potential partners, listening to their needs and providing easy access to ESA’s expertise and activities in applications and technical domains.

The Downstream Gateway provides a broad visibility on  projects, opportunities, programmes, technical resources and advice from ESA’s experts in key domains.

What will you find in Downstream Gateway pages?


These pages will guide you through the application of space data and technologies.

The infographics will let you discover technology basics (ASSETS), meet the space community at dedicated events (NETWORKING), increase your knowledge on specific data/applications/technologies (LEARNING) and actively get involved in applications development taking advantage of ESA collaboration and funding (OPPORTUNITIES).

The “AREAS” icons will lead you to pages with dedicated information for specific application sectors.