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This call is a framework to rapidly respond to new innovative ideas from bidders.  The particular focus for innovative activities under each element is as follows:

ID8 Scientific data exploitation: – Open EO science practices and tools – Advancing EO methods and techniques – Advancing Earth System Science –

ID9 EO Exploitation Platforms – Transfer new EO RD to public sector institutions – Rapid prototyping of new EO products and services – Advancing Ground Segment capabilities – Integrating new EO services –

ID10 EO for Sustainable Development – New EO application concepts in developing countries – Demonstrating EO applications to new international finance institutions Innovative ideas requiring a rapid implementation are expected to be limited in size and duration.

Therefore any individual contract will be limited to a Firm Fixed Price of up to 150KEuro and to a maximum duration of 12 months. Bidders will be required to demonstrate the innovative content of their proposals and, where appropriate, the engagement of relevant stakeholders. For proposals related to Scientific Data Exploitation, bidders will be also required to demonstrate scientific excellence of the proposed activity.

For more information and access to the open call for proposals see EMITS.


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